Photo manipulation or photo editing used to be a game reserved for elite designers. Today, nearly everyone can manipulate a photo, thanks to the upsurge of photo manipulation tools. These photo editing tools offer a user-friendly interface that allows almost anyone to start editing like a pro in only a matter of minutes. However, like any other profession, there are those photo manipulation experts that are cut above the rest. They have perfected and mastered the game of photo manipulation that they can edit and present sharp free stock photos, fast. If you want to be at that level, consider developing the following photo manipulation tips:

1. Free stock photo manipulation starts with the resolution

Any top-quality product starts with raw material. Any product specialist will tell you that it’s a blunder to hold back on raw materials. The same applies to photo manipulation. In photo manipulation, the pixel is the raw material, and it should be manipulated accordingly to come up with a top quality photo. Don’t overstretch, or abuse the photo pixel. Ensure to work at 150 to 200% resolution to obtain a brilliant photo.

2. Light and shadow should be consistent to achieve proper free stock photo manipulation

The consistency of lighting and shadow is key to creating a mind-blowing photo. If these two elements are not consistent, your free photos might not gel with the surroundings.

3. Proper scale is key to coming up with extraordinary free stock photos

All elements of a photo should be in good scale. Otherwise, viewers may not trust your photos. The best technique to ensure every photo element is in proper scale is to look at the photo perceptively. Pinpoint the horizon, including the vanishing points, and ensure the photo element synchronize with them.

4. Don’t focus too much on being realistic

A quality photo manipulation doesn’t necessarily have to be realistic. If the photo has important characteristics like style, bright highlights, additional vibrant colors, as well as deep shadow areas, it will cut.

5. Make a point to use realistic textures when manipulating your free photos

Textures bring out the degree of real detail we see in our day-to-day lives. In fact, you can achieve that pretty quick by utilizing textures harnessed from real life.


There are other many photo manipulation tactics like learning the table, getting to grips with the transform and warp options and using actions. However, the secret to successful photo manipulation is staying inspired and continuous practice.