In this day and age, nearly everyone has a digital camera or a digital camera-enabled Smartphone. This has made it easier than ever to snap amazing photos anywhere and anytime. As a result, people can capture unique moments and events in real-time. Due to the photography boom, free digital photo sharing websites have mushroomed that allow convenient and easy storage and sharing of free stock photos with the world. However, note that different digital photo sharing sites offer different plans. Here are considerations when choosing the right free digital photo sharing service:

  • Consider what plan your friends and relatives use to share their free photos

There is no photo sharing rule that stipulates that you use the same digital photo sharing platform, but it offers a whole lot of convenience. For example, a digital photo sharing website such as Flickr lets users to friend or favorite other users, which makes it easier for members who are not tech-savvy to navigate the website and view your photo album. Essentially, they will only need to learn to maneuver through one website instead of multiple websites.

  • Capability to download and print your free stock photos

Despite the transition from the traditional album, most people still want to be able to obtain physical prints of their photos to hang on their walls, give to parents or just keep in their albums. Most websites allow you to download any photo and print it. Some don’t. So be sure to choose a site that offers the ability to download and print your photos.

  • Free photos storage space and possible upgrades

Digital photo sharing websites give you space depending on a number of photos you want to store and download. Always choose a photo sharing site that offers the much-needed storage space, including the option to upgrade the space when you outgrow your current plan.

  • Privacy is paramount when choosing a digital stock photo sharing website

Although photos in photo sharing websites are always available to the public, some people want to keep their photos private, more so if they’re uploading photos of kids, private events, and embarrassing moments. So the site you choose should have the option to make your free photos private.

  • The digital free photo sharing website should have a user-friendly interface

The modern-day customer is already stressed up at work, so any digital photo sharing site owner should not pile any more misery by making their website hard to navigate. An excellent photo sharing site should offer one click or a maximum of two clicks to get what users want. So choose a digital photo sharing website that provides a user-friendly interface for both uploading and viewing photos.